Amdocs Kenan

Enabling the service provider of the future

Amdocs Kenan is a comprehensive revenue and customer management solution that focuses on what matters most – quick, reliable and secure monetization of services for today’s service providers.

An open and efficient solution, Amdocs Kenan tightly couples customer care, ordering and billing to reduce deployment time and risk. The solution is extendible with a modern integration layer utilizing industry-leading technologies, JBoss Fuse and RESTful web services.

With an agile platform, Amdocs Kenan skillfully handles complex revenue management, including usage and event-based billing, provides tight integration of customer, order and revenue management, and is ready to support service providers as they grow and expand their business.

Amdocs Kenan: addressing service provider challenges
Kenan Infographic
Amdocs Kenan: enabling the service provider of the future​