Marketing Solution Providers

A multi-dimensional, insight-driven approach to customer experience

​​Marketing solution providers such as directory publishers, marketing companies and ad agencies are poised to move their local advertising business from print-based media to the digital world.

But the digital world is complex with buyer-seller interactions explodeing across a myriad of media channels, destinations, applications and devices with fierce competition at all levels.

To create a differentiated and compelling customer experience, marketing solution providers need to adopt a multi-dimensional customer view and deliver an insight-driven experience that is:

  • Digital – Instantly accessibility across devices and channels, anywhere, anytime
  • Valuable – Consistent and intelligent through personalization and contextualization
  • Proactive – Anticipate needs and deliver proactive actions and offerings
  • Exciting – Innovative set of exciting offerings and new business models
  • Dynamic – Quickly respond to new needs with new offerings and business processes

Amdocs' solutions enable marketing solution providers to:

  • Empower experience – Deliver simple, personalized and valuable customer experiences 
  • Drive growth – Embrace innovation and generate new revenues as a one-stop shop for all marketing needs
  • Be efficient – Reduce cost and time to value; manage big data; be lean and agile; and harness the complex environment of seller and buyer interactions

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