Newspaper & Magazine Publishers

A multi-dimensional approach to customer experience

​​With the shift in media consumption, the media industry, like many others, is experiencing a major transformation. New types of consumers, new consumption habits and the explosion of content are resulting in fierce competition and challenging publisher’s brand identity and customer loyalty.

Aware of their position of power and choice, empowered consumers are dictating the experiences they expect. The customer experience has become the competitive battle ground for media companies. To create a differentiated and compelling customer experience, media companies need to adopt a multi-dimensional customer view and deliver an experience that is:

  • Digital – instantly accessibility across devices and channels (print, online, video, mobile, radio, etc.), anywhere and anytime
  • Valuable – consistent and intelligent through personalization and contextualization
  • Proactive – anticipate needs and deliver proactive actions
  • Exciting – innovative set of exciting offerings and new business models
  • Dynamic – quickly respond to new needs with new offerings, business models and business processes. Have the flexibility to experiment and get instant feedback

Amdocs' technology and services enable newspaper & magazine publishers to deliver a compelling and exceptional customer experience.

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