Advertising & Media

Blueprint to Digital™

The world of local advertising continues to evolve at a dramatic rate. With so many players striving for a share of the local business wallet, you have to transform yourself into a world-class digital organization that connects local businesses with their target audience. Drawing from our unparalleled level of industry experience, global best practices and operational capabilities, we help you determine the most effective roadmap for your organization.

Amdocs Blueprint to Digital™ combines a clear vision of a digital world-class enterprise and a pragmatic tailored roadmap with a comprehensive suite of products, services and best practices. Together these help turn your digital growth strategy into a reality and make you indispensable to local advertisers and distribution partners.

The Amdocs Advertising & Media portfolio is a comprehensive array of business and operational solutions and services that enable innovation, leadership and profitability in the digital world. Sold as separate quick-launch products or as comprehensive solutions, our portfolio enables local advertising service providers to excel in the sales and digital media operation arena by delivering clear and competitive value to local businesses.

Our solutions facilitate a smooth cost-effective digital media-centric operation from selling ads to providing a wide range of marketing value-added services including:
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Sales force automation (SFA)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Fulfillment
  • Billing
  • Ad network management and monetization
Find out more about Amdocs’s key offerings to facilitate your transition into a world class digital organization: