Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Operationalize virtual services

NFV transforms software technologies from legacy proprietary hardware to an open, vendor-neutral architecture. The business benefits are clear –service agility in minutes; efficiencies through automation of service operations processes; and improved elasticity of network resources. But a key challenge lies in how to fully operationalize virtualized services to derive maximum business value.

Amdocs brings a unique business-centric approach to NFV that helps service providers maximize service agility and operationalize services. Our standards-based solutions work with any hypervisor or virtual infrastructure management solution:

  • NFV orchestration - Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator enables service agility and operational efficiency through the fulfillment, assurance and optimization of network services. It uniquely evaluates changes in network state for rapid service scaling and re-fulfillment of end-to-end services. It leverages existing business, product catalog and operational support systems for rapid, extensible service definition and closed loop monetization. Vendor-neutral, it can orchestrate any virtual network function, providing complete deployment flexibility.

  • Comprehensive partner enablement - Amdocs Network Cloud Ecosystem unites Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator solution with leading industry partners to provide open pre-integrated solutions such as vCPE, vIMS, vEPC, and enable rapid trialing and creation of NFV services.

  • Virtualized network control – High-performance/low TCO virtual network functions can be rapidly deployed in a multi-vendor NFV stack. Features Amdocs Policy Controller (vPCRF), Amdocs Home Subscriber Server (vHSS) and Amdocs Intelligent Routing Controller (vDRA) to support the advanced LTE services and virtualized overlay networks for enterprise and IoT.

NFV Solutions Diagram
Amdocs NFV Solutions