Small Cell Solution

Game changer for next generation networks

With the massive increase in mobile data driven by smartphones, social media and streaming video services, mobile operators can’t keep up with the rapid introduction of new technology, while continuously expanding network capacity. Service providers are therefore looking to deploy thousands of small cells in order to improve user experience by increasing capacity, data rates and coverage. However the high complexity and sheer volume of tasks required to achieve these objectives, mean Service providers cannot meet their time, cost, and quality targets. They need process automation to cut costs and speed up time to design and deploy small cells.

Amdocs Small Cell Solution provides a complete end-to-end catalog driven planning, design, and rollout solution for next generation networks. It automates the planning and project management process by uniquely combining automated technical design with dynamic project plan generation using network technology specific building blocks. The new solution can reduce network deployment time and costs by up to 35% and network design time by more than 50%.
Intelligent analysis of poor network experience areas

Smart Cell Placement identifies experience hotspots by gathering key business data. It enables service providers to make informed decisions about small cell placement and target investment to high value locations and customers by:

  • Accurately identifying hotspot locations
  • Maximizing network ROI with intelligent planning
  • Prioritizing small cell placement based on customer value

Smart Cell Placement integrates with Amdocs Small Cell Solution to provide an end-to-end solution to position, plan and project manage small cell rollout.