Policy and Charging Control

Monetize the new digital experience

Service providers are getting squeezed by declining voice revenues, new competition from over-the-top providers, and the rising cost of managing a ten-fold increase in data traffic from voice over LTE (VoLTE), HD video and new digital services.

By leveraging network service quality and subscriber insights, service providers can significantly increase service differentiation and ARPU for consumer and enterprise customers. Tight integration of Amdocs policy and charging control (PCC) solutions provides a unified platform to enable rapid monetization and real-time, personalized offers while reducing the time and operational costs to deliver new services.

Amdocs Policy Control and Amdocs Convergent Charging provide:

  • A common design time environment to create new offers that seamlessly combine business and network policies

  • Runtime synchronization with a single subscriber profile repository (SPR) approach to prevent revenue leakage

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and virtualized architecture to significantly reduce per-subscriber costs of deploying LTE services

  • Virtual deployment allows for on-demand scalability and quicker innovation cycles

  • Policy and charging analytics to validate service quality and define high-value offers

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