Network Managed Services

Drive operational efficiency through automation and process innovation

Increasing network complexity, combining multiple vendor infrastructures, technologies and cell sizes all make managing the network very costly and labor-intensive. Add to that the rapid pace of technological change, which causes delays in up-skilling staff and up-scaling resources. So how can service providers meet this challenge in a cost-effective and efficient way?

Amdocs Network Managed Services supports multi-vendor, multi-technology network assessment, solution design, deployment and optimization, increasing the potential to uncover opportunities for improvement and ensure maximum return on your network investments.

Amdocs supports a myriad of sites in mobile network management engagements through our Global Delivery Centers. Our focus includes:

  • Network technology rollout and upgrade
  • Network triage
  • Network optimization
  • Enterprise and retail customer experience improvement

Amdocs Network Managed Services delivers the technical solutions you need to realize cost efficiencies and meet your business objectives. 

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