Powering profitable growth

The evolution of the digital economy is redefining the business model of many companies into an “X-as-a-Service” or XaaS company, “X” being any product or service offered – one of the most common usages is Software as a Service - SaaS. When applied through sophisticated monetization solutions that deliver personalization and meaningful engagement across channels, it can power the profitable growth of these businesses.

Amdocs Optima – a digital customer management & commerce platform

built on Amdocs’ 30+ years of experience with customers in the Tier 3 communication, MVNx, cable and satellite and any size digital business in the transportation media, utilities and finance arenas.

Amdocs Optima is a flexible monetization platform that gives you the agility, scalability and security your business needs to grow:

Sophisticated Flexibility

Configurable solution that supports any level of business complexity – quick to implement, quick to change, quick to innovate

Smart Interoperability

Open system that seamlessly interacts with external apps to simplify integration and shorten time to market

Unrivaled Experience

Leading billing and customer care innovation for over 30 years

Midsized Communication Business (MCBs) and MVNO/Es, as well as businesses of any size with SaaS-based business models now can:

  • Implement quicklyUp and running in no time
  • Scale infinitelyProcess billions of transactions a day
  • Expand across industriesAny product, any service, any line of business – any B2B or B2C scenario
  • Monetize creatively Subscription, usage-based, transactional, on-demand
  • Deploy with flexibilityIn the cloud or on premise
  • Automate business processesRemove manual tasks