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Capture new revenue streams

Built as a powerful cloud-based, multi-tenant, converged BSS platform, Amdocs Optima is specifically tailored for carrier wholesale Mobile Virtual Network Operators and Enablers (MVNOs and MVNEs).

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The Next Generation of MVNx

In the mobile virtual operations domain, time to market, agility, constant innovation and know-how are the differentiators between success and failure.

Leveraging the strong capabilities and experience accumulated over many MVNE implementations, Amdocs Optima is the next generation of lean, agile and fast time to market BSS platforms, enabling you to quickly capture and monetize new revenue streams.

Amdocs Optima is a comprehensive MVNx solution that caters to the entire life cycle of a partner or an end customer – simply and affordably.

  • Swift onboarding
  • Pre-integrated solutions
  • Add-ons and services
  • Single vendor accountability
  • Easy customer acquisition
  • Rich functionality, any technology
  • Easy third-party integrations
  • Multi-carrier support