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Simplify Experience

Customers are facing a blizzard of choice...

It's an always-on world. In the face of a blizzard of choice, customers are demanding easy engagement anytime, anywhere and on any device.

We help you simplify the experience for customers by eliminating the complexities related to applications and devices. We empower service providers to deliver a valuable customer experience by providing tailored interactions through the right channel, with the right offering and in the right context. This can only be achieved if service providers get a holistic view of the customer from the network to device.

Simplify experience for your customers with the following Amdocs solutions:

  • Amdocs Smart Agent Desktop offers the most intuitive and configurable user interface available today, as well as context-sensitive navigation and recommended next actions.

  • Amdocs Multi-channel Self-Service optimizes customer engagement across online channels to improve net promoter score, sales, and time-to-market of new products and services. It allows customers to start shopping on one channel and complete their purchase on another.

  • Amdocs Smart Device Support empowers call center agents to diagnose and troubleshoot smartphone enquiries, increasing first call resolution and reducing average handling time and "no fault" returns.

  • Amdocs Retail Experience increases in-store conversion rates (i.e. more of the customers that enter the store end up making a purchase) and shortens handling times. Agents can move around the store with tablets to give better service.

  • Amdocs Convergent Order Hub offers a new, simple user interface which reduces the number of clicks and the number of screen changes required to complete transactions.

  • Amdocs Proactive Care improves net promoter score and profitability by anticipating customer care needs and addressing them proactively. It enables service providers to take pre-emptive action and respond quickly to business developments without IT intervention.