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Mobile Payments Solution

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Amdocs Mobile Payments - AMP it Up!

watch: amdocs mobile payments video
video: Amdocs Mobile Payments - AMP it Up!

Direct Carrier Billing: The world’s most popular mobile payment [Infographic]

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Service providers want a piece of the $770 billion mobile payments market. App stores, app developers and virtual merchants are pursuing direct carrier billing because it increases conversion rates and sales. Consumers prefer carrier billing over credit and debit cards where available, as it simplifies the purchase experience and avoids the need to disclose card details to merchants. Carrier billing is also the only available payment option for unbanked consumers and those without a credit or debit card, which account for the majority of the world’s population. At the same time, legacy payment gateways rely on outdated technologies and standards and are not sufficient in order to capture this rapidly-growing market. As a result, many service providers’ digital content business is riddled with inefficiencies, such as revenue leakage, high care costs, and fraud.

Amdocs Mobile Payments is a new cloud-based gateway service that makes it easy for wireless service providers to enable mobile payments for their customers while monetizing their commerce transactions.

The solution enables service providers to onboard and manage the largest set of app stores, merchants and aggregators, and process transactions for any type of goods - digital, remote, or physical. In addition, Amdocs Mobile Payments makes it easy to settle against any payment method (postpaid bill, pre-paid balance, wallet, or card) and quickly capture new and emerging revenue streams.

Amdocs Mobile Payments is pre-integrated with Google PlayTM, Microsoft MarketplaceTM, other app stores, and leading merchant aggregators for digital content and virtual goods.

  • Lets you start monetizing Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace, and other app store transactions with the quickest time to market

  • Reduces on-boarding time for partners and aggregators

  • Expedites time-to-market with new mobile payment features

  • Improves efficiencies through automation and self-service tools

  • Takes advantage of insightful reporting and real-time access to transactional information

  • Maximizes bottom-line profitability through Amdocs' experience and proprietary technology

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