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Businesses rely more than ever on their communications services, demanding more connectivity, a richer set of features, wider bandwidth and guaranteed uptime to serve their needs. This means that any changes need to be made quickly to adapt to evolving requirements, regardless of the amount of engineering work or system configuration involved.

It’s not enough just to introduce new services to stay ahead – service providers need to become agile enough to meet the twists and turns of their most demanding customers, especially when they’re high-value enterprise customers with specific needs.

Some large projects can take weeks to design and implement especially when they involve many and nationwide sites. And it’s not unusual for customers to change their minds when existing orders are already in progress.

Amdocs Enterprise Service Fulfillment Solution formalizes and automates the provisioning of complex services for the enterprise line of business. It accepts customer orders, decomposes them into multiple sub-orders, allowing manual intervention for automated tasks, sequences them (taking account of technological and physical dependencies), and verifies they have been completed correctly.

The solution allows you to:
  • Grow revenues through a significantly shorter order-to-cash time:

    • Can reduce the order-to-cash cycle by at least 50% for complex network services

    • Fast order completion with enhanced manual intervention capabilities for tasks like site survey or fiber rollout built into the automatic process

  • Gain a competitive advantage with fast product and service introduction. Reduce average time to market for new products and services by as much as 75%.

  • Reduce order fallout by formalizing and automating complex fulfillment processes.