Stay Ahead

It's a new world. So make sure you STAY AHEAD in it.

As traditional revenue streams decline, the hunt is on for new revenues from new services stimulated by the growth in small and medium businesses (SMB), over the top players and more. 

Service providers have customers who demand the continuous launch of new services, devices and blended offers to meet their changing needs. To stay ahead, service providers need to turn their BSS-OSS Network Control assets into innovation enablers.  

Service providers can stay ahead with the following solutions:

  • Amdocs Business Building Blocks boost business innovation with modular Business Building Blocks (BBBs) of marketing plans, offers and innovations.

  • Amdocs OTT Monetization Partner Experience drives new revenue from partner and over the top relationships.

  • Amdocs Business Service Capture  drives SMB revenues with solutions enabling the business customer lifecycle. It improves business customer experience with fast and accurate generation of made-to-order business services designs and quotes.

  • Amdocs Partner Management extends partner lifecycle management to monetize over-the-top (OTT) and content partnerships. For example, a partnership between Amazon and a service provider that awards five free book downloads to a customer buying a Kindle reader.

  • Amdocs Connected Home is an innovative partnership with OTT players providing connected home services such as security, health, automation and multimedia to service provider subscriber homes. Connected Home leverages service provider core assets – customer data, trusted relationship and network/connectivity - to increase ARPU and value for the customer.

  • With Amdocs Enterprise Customer Management and Amdocs Enterprise Service Fulfillment, service providers can capitalize on the enterprise segment with capabilities tailored for corporate customers such as accurate quotes for complex orders, mass order handling, complex hierarchies, pre-order feasibility checks, provisioning, jeopardy, SLA management and more.