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Enterprise Customer Management Solution

Are you maximizing the value of your enterprise customers?

Enterprise customers often account for a third or more of service providers’ total income. In order to grow this revenue, service providers need to become more competitive and agile, and constantly offer enterprise customers valuable new services and products to meet their changing needs.

But as competition grows and communication expenses increase, enterprise customers expect more from their service providers – efficient business processes, minimum errors and the highest level of service and support.

Are you giving your enterprise customers what they want?

The Amdocs Enterprise Customer Management Solution is a suite of enterprise-focused offerings which optimize key business life cycles specific to enterprise customers while dramatically cutting your expenses and increasing your enterprise customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. It maximizes the value of your business customers by driving profitability while delivering a differentiating enterprise customer experience.

The solution also equips support representatives with powerful tools that enable:
  • A 360-degree view of the enterprise customer
  • Shorter sales and ordering processes for delivering the right order on time
  • Quick resolution of billing and support cases
  • Shift in traffic from assisted channels to self-managed online channels
  • Dramatic cuts in service providers’ expenses while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
The solution is comprised of:
  • Sales Quote Order – Bridges the gap between sales and ordering to achieve maximum synergies from both systems.

  • E-Billing – Reduces the number of interactions with assisted channels by encouraging customers to use a self-service application