Redefining User Experience


Amdocs recently commissioned a global survey with Forrester to determine the driving forces behind improving customer satisfaction.

The key survey findings were:

  • Although improving customer experience is the primary goal of many businesses, few earn an "excellent" or "good" customer experience rating

  • Improving agent experience has a direct impact on increasing customer satisfaction - 46% of respondents said this correlation held true over 80% of the time, and 47% said that this correlation held true between 50% and 80% of the time. Only 1% said that there was no correlation between a good agent experience and service outcome

  • Almost half of respondents said that the main challenge their contact center faces is that their agents don't always know where to find the answer to a customer's request

  • 35% of survey respondents said that their top priority would be to give the agents most, if not all the information they need to answer a customer's request on a single screen

  • Reviewing the findings for Amdocs, Kate Leggett from Forrester recommends actionable steps that service providers can take to improve the agent experience

The research, conducted by Forrester, surveyed leaders from 68 service providers worldwide who had direct knowledge of the contact center agent toolset, and customer service organizations of more than 250 agents.

White Paper: Improving The Agent Experience Moves The Needle On Customer Satisfaction (source: Amdocs and Forrester Consulting).

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