Global Consumer Communities in the Connected World

Consumers today want their mobile devices to make their lives easier through ubiquitous connectivity

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According to a recent global survey commissioned by Amdocs to investigate the driving forces behind consumer adoption of new mobile services and technologies, we found:
  • 70% of those surveyed want to do more with their mobile device

  • More than two thirds want their mobile device to connect to other devices (for instance, 43% chose television), illustrating the rise in consumer interest in the connected home and connected cars (38%)

  • 54% expect to be able to access their content from any device

  • 40% are willing to pay a premium for ubiquitous connectivity
Reviewing the findings for Amdocs, social anthropologist Dr. Massimiliano Mollona, from Goldsmiths, University of London, found that mobile consumers can be broadly assigned to one of three distinct global “consumer communities”: cyborgs, centaurs or space cowboys.
  • Cyborgs embrace connectivity in all aspects of their life, including professional and personal spheres, across all devices and places, and are the most willing to pay a premium for services

  • Centaurs have firm, fixed distinctions between their personal and “technological” selves and see the mobile phone as a functional device, not a reflection of their personalities

  • Space cowboys are technological nomads who are individualistic and unpredictable and often switch devices and providers for both technological and economic reasons
The research, conducted by Coleman Parkes, surveyed over 4,700 consumers of various age groups in 14 countries, spanning North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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