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Ovam Amdocs Social Care Whitepaper
Integrating social media into CRM for next generation customer experience

Telcos need to rethink their customer care strategies with social media in mind...
Can Data Become A New Currency
Can Data Become A New Currency?

Amdocs' new global survey finds that consumer privacy concerns have been overblown. Consumers are willing to share their personal data with service exchange for rewards.
On the Road to 4Ge
On the Road to 4G

The move to 4G/LTE is almost inevitable, but do you have a solid rollout plan and monetization strategy?
Partner Playbook
Partner Playbook

Who owns the customer? A new Amdocs survey finds that the battle continues between service providers, "over-the-top" players and device manufacturers.
Me & My Data
Me & My Data

Amdocs man-on-the-street global survey reveals 10 critical strategies for improving and monetizing data services.
Retention and Loyalty Survey Results
Retention & Loyalty Survey

Consumer interests have changed in the past 5 years, but has your retention strategy kept up? Check out the results of our retention survey.
Consumer Surveys
Global Consumer Survey

Amdocs' comprehensive survey finds that mobile consumers can be categorized as "cyborgs," "centaurs" and "space cowboys."