Amdocs Market Vision

Embrace Challenge
We are moving from a connected world to a hyper-connected world – the speed of change is breathtaking. Today’s connected customers demand easy, personalized engagement; anytime, anywhere and on any device. But this lifestyle is generating a massive demand for data, with video driving unprecedented volumes of traffic on the network.

To compensate for the rising cost of data, as well as falling voice revenues, service providers are prioritizing the creation of new revenue streams while remaining conscious of having to focus on efficency to stay profitable. Optimal management and insightful analysis of this “Big Data” flood will help make it possible to meet these goals.

A redefinition of service provider strategy is necessary to overcome the new challenges of our rapidly-evolving industry.

Experience Success
Service providers need to unleash the power of experience by offering differentiating experience plays and embracing four critical business imperatives: simplify experience, harness data, stay ahead and be efficient

Simplify Experience
Provide experiences that are simple, personalized and deliver clear value across the customer experience

  • Empower end users with seamless, multi-channel experiences
  • Enable service providers to offer proactive, blended care and commerce flows, as well as personalized services, based on data-driven analytics

Harness Data
Optimize network assets while maximizing every opportunity to monetize demand for bandwidth

  • Enable the ultimate multi-play experience with real-time, omni-convergent interactions
  • Rapidly launch and dynamically monetize next generation networks (LTE, small cells, Wi-Fi and fiber)

Stay Ahead
Leverage core assets and develop capabilities to expand with new services and business models

  • Foster innovation by partnering with OTT and other players
  • Drive new revenues from enterprise customers, the cloud and the connected home

Be Efficient
Streamline processes and optimize operations to achieve tangible business results

  • Adopt agile operations that enable growth to efficiently meet growing business needs
  • Invest in systems with best-in-class operability to lower costs