Experience Success


Experts predict that within the next decade trillions of devices will be connected to the network, introducing an array of applications, services, connections and experiences.

This connected world will go far beyond traditional communication or entertainment services and will bring more value to consumers' lives, while opening up new revenue streams for service providers.

This fast-changing market, however, will introduce new industry frontiers: the customer-facing frontier, which offers customers a blizzard of choice, and the network-facing frontier of insatiable demand.

To succeed in these frontiers, service providers will need to transform and redefine their experience plays.

Amdocs has devised the following four imperatives for service providers to overcome these challenges and capture the opportunities the new connected world brings:

  • Simplify Experience: provide experiences that are simple, personalized and deliver clear value across the customer experience lifecycle.

  • Harness Data: optimize network assets while maximizing every opportunity to monetize demand for bandwidth.

  • Stay Ahead: leverage core assets and develop new capabilities to expand with new services and new business models.

  • Be Efficient: streamline processes and optimize operations to achieve tangible business results.

Embracing these four imperatives requires a multitude of business and operational capabilities (as shown in the business and technology framework below that will support service providers' future business and operational decisions.