The 5G Value Plane

Empower cutting-edge 5G monetization by exposing the network to both business and IT

To maximize 5G revenue potential, service providers must shift from an "infrastructure" to "platform" mindset. 5G Value Plane enables this transition. Encompassing charging and policy functions and managed by a centralized catalog, 5G Value Plane acts as a centralized “5G brain” across the business, IT and network, and includes enriched data for monetization of the expanded 5G ecosystem.



The 5G Value Plane

Empower cutting edge 5G monetization through seamless integration of business, IT, enterprises and partners with the 5G network

5G Convergent Charging (CCS & CHF)

Real-Time Convergent Charging, encompassing all 5G currencies

5G Policy Control (PCF)

Network policy control for next-gen fixed, mobile and converged networks

Centralized Product Catalog

A business-driven catalog covering all service requirements – monetization, network and commerce

Customer Success
Customer Success

A1 awards Amdocs with deal for multi-country 5G online charging and policy control

A1 Telekom Austria Group
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AT&T has selected Amdocs’ 5G solution to monetize the next wave of network and business model innovation around cloud, edge computing and IoT

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Implementation enables KT to rapidly launch new 5G products with innovative price plans and bundling offers

KT Corporation
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Analysts' View

Product Assessment Report - Amdocs Revenue Management

Amdocs' CES21 portfolio is focused on the 5G “value plane,” which brings together Amdocs’ catalog, real-time charging and billing, with Amdocs’ new strength in policy from its acquisition of Openet in 2020.



Product Assessment Report - Amdocs Policy Control

Amdocs has made its recently acquired Openet Policy Controller (OPC) its lead product in the area. OPC is a strong cloud-native 5G PCF, but should expand into converged 4G/5G operation as well as intent-based networking.



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Amdocs 5G Value Plane

Transformational binding of network, IT, Cloud and enterprises empowering cutting edge 5G monetization

Monetize the power of the network

Leverage and monetize the full power of the new 5G network

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Microservices-based policy & charging control

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The CSP’s toolkit for 5G monetization

The true 5G potential lies in innovative services which will need the underlying network to support specific requirements

5G use cases

Driving network-embedded services with the 5G value plane

Pricing, service and partner innovation in 5G

TM Forum report on how 5G can revolutionize the telecom industry

Enabling seamless business to network integration

Leverage a centralized “5G brain” across the business, IT and network - from TM Forum