Maximize 5G revenue potential

Shift from an "infrastructure" to "platform" mindset with 5G Value Plane.

Encompassing charging and policy functions and managed by a centralized catalog, 5G Value Plane acts as a centralized “5G brain” across the business, IT and network, and includes enriched data for monetization of the expanded 5G ecosystem.

The 5G Value Plane


  • Ultimate 5G monetization

    Rapidly launch innovative services leveraging unique 5G assets

  • Monetize the power of the network

    Streamline 5G network monetization with buisness-IT-NW exposure

  • Innovative services and business models

    Be ready to support any 5G service, business model and partner, leveraging 5G, edge and cloud

  • Buisness-network agility

    Dynamically bundle partners with the network attributes they need

With Amdocs’s 5G Value Plane, CSPs can offer unique network capabilities that support 5G applications and monetize 5G based on the value of the connection.

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Chantel Cary

Senior Analyst Telco, IT & Operations, OMDIA

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Amdocs 5G Value Plane
  • PDF
5G PCC - Microservices-based policy & charging control
  • PDF
Datasheet: 5G Policy Control (PCF)
  • PDF
Datasheet: 5G Convergent Charging (CCS & CHF)
  • PDF

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