Connected Money

Amdocs Mobile Financial Services’ financial-grade, interconnected and interoperable money transfer solution is built on years of experience and designed to ensure transaction security, convenience and best-in-class operational reliability

Everyone’s Sending Money

Increased mobile phone usage and the growing demand for convenient, secure, and affordable international money transfers are indicators that a robust MFS solution is needed to offer both banked and unbanked customers a new type of “connected” transfer experience.



Be the better alternative
Disrupt the expensive and cumbersome over the counter model with a more convenient and customer-friendly transfer experience. In a recent survey by Juniper, 82% of those using MTOs stated that they had one or more problems with their current service provider and almost 30% of all respondents cited speed of money transfer as a major challenge Read more
Grow with confidence
Utilize Amdocs Mobile Financial Services’ connected money solution to become a fully compliant, interoperable and interconnected scalable financial solutions provider. Effectively manage commercial relationships with third-party providers, including effective corridor management and open loop integration while remaining compliant within an ever-changing regulatory environment.



Demo: International Airtime Transfer

Watch how Abhay uses his mobile wallet to transfer airtime to his sister in real-time utilizing his mobile wallet account

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International Remittance

This Ovum Decision Matrix report provides a step-by-step guide to help banks and payment providers select the right mobile wallet solution

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Juniper: MFS Competitor Analysis

Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances Domestic & International Markets - 2015-2020 Market Trends & Competitive Landscape