Fed up of going on blind dates? (Well, so are service-provider customers)


“I think these two are off to a bad start” observed the Alabama Police Chief Deputy. (That’s an understatement.) Luckily for those of us looking for love, most blind dates don’t end up in a police chase, but if you’ve ever been on one, you know how awkward they can be. Will you have something in common? Will you say the right things? Does the person setting it up know you well enough to make the right match? And sometimes you get lucky – it goes well and you both look forward to a second date, but as friends tell me (and no, I wasn’t the one setting them up!), many blind dates are as bad as marketing offers – poorly matched with very little customer acceptance.


But marketing doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be), a question of luck. It’s all about identifying, and then accurately targeting specific those intent-driven personas which are emerging as part of our digital lifestyle.


Is Anne Jackson “Hyper-Connected” and constantly on the lookout for new devices? Is James Rogers “Price Cautious” and more likely to use pay-as-you-go? Whichever persona they are, if you can understand what’s driving and influencing your customer’s attitude and behavior, only then can you get those offers right – personalized for every customer.


So what are these different digital personas, and what do the people who fit them both want and expect?


Many different customer ‘personas’ do exist across various markets, but new analysis conducted by 451 Research managed to narrow the list down to seven key personas. We then asked our thousands of survey respondents* which of the seven personas they identified with the most.



What drives and influences customers with these digital personas?



The research showed that while there was coincidentally a fairly even distribution across the personas, there was no ‘one-size- fits-all’ persona. The HyperConnected persona represented the largest group (21%), while the two smallest groups – Socializer and Early Adopter – each accounted for 8% of the overall sample. The remaining groups each represented 15-16% of the total sample.


Out of the seven personas used in the survey, service providers might be most interested in  Business Elite, Price-Cautious and Hyper-Connected because these are the ones that a high level of survey respondents most identified with:


  • Price-Cautious was the most demanding persona, and the most likely to switch providers, and least likely to be a brand advocate.

  • Hyper-Connected was the most engaged persona with the highest willingness to pay – although they also demanded more control and personalization.

  • While price is not a significant factor in driving the Business-Elite persona, these customers do expect to get higher value in return, as well as better overall customer service and support.


So, want to turn that blind date into a happy long-term relationship?  Well, service providers are sitting on a data treasure trove, whether it relates to prior customer transactions, events, mobile contexts, interactions or behavior. They should go beyond traditional demographic data, analyze it, understand the digital-lifestyle personas and what drives them, and then create more personalized (even one-to one) effective offers, which are context-relevant. And luck hopefully shouldn’t have anything to do with it.



Blogger: Sheryl Kingstone


*This was an Amdocs-commissioned survey conducted by 451 Research of 6,800 people across 14 countries.




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