Are we going to be replaced by Bots?

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Prepare for employment in the age of artificial intelligence

The innovation tsunami driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is about to wash away some of the familiar paradigms of how we work, learn, and educate, and will impact us all, either directly or indirectly. For centuries, humans have worried about “technological unemployment” or the loss of jobs caused by technological change. Never has this concern been felt more than it is today, the dawn of the next industrial revolution.


The new worker robots, “Bots”, will be able to fully imitate the human brain. Using deep learning, an AI technology which mimics the neurons in human brains, they will act very much like human beings.


What skillset is needed to rule the future of work?

The demand for tech talent is growing: there’s a shortage of programmers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts and IT specialists, among others. How can we prepare for this future?


Jacob Morgan, a futurist exploring the future of work, predicts that employees of the future will have a T-shaped skillset. The cross of the T represents a general skillset, while the point of the T represents the option to drill down and specialize. A worker who is a generalist, with the ability to perform a broad range of jobs, will have an easier time marketing him or herself; whereas choices become limited for a specialist as they are very skilled in only one particular type of work.


Morgan says the future workplace will need employees with both skill types. With this combination of skills, people can market themselves as someone who understands and can perform a variety of tasks but who can also expertly perform tasks in a more defined area. With a strategic T-shaped skillset, employees will be prepared for success regardless of what the future brings.


How to acquire the new skillset?

Learning a new profession is not so easy. But artificial intelligence developments in education are helping shorten the time required to learn new skills. From providing personalized and adaptive learning, through assistance via social learning and real-time performance support, to finding successful teaching patterns, AI innovations are revolutionizing the learning process. An effective approach to education coupled with self-motivation will help put more of us in jobs and support the digitized economies of the future.


Author: Tamar Poleg - I am a Boomer: during the first 40 year of my life technological changes took a slow and steady pace to settle down. For the last 15 years it feels like riding on a runaway train.


The world of work is changing. Are you prepared?


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The world of work is changing. Are you prepared?