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In the most comprehensive survey of boredom ever conducted, 4,000 Americans recorded their mood every waking half-hour, creating over 1 million records of daily routines. The survey found that performing monotonous or difficult tasks, such as working or studying, and tasks where the respondents’ autonomy was constrained, such as spending time with coworkers, ranked high as causes of boredom. The survey results reinforced the idea that boredom is about what you do rather than who you are.


Where will we be in 5 years from now?

There’s exciting news for people who spend their days bored at work. Bots are increasingly starting to take over monotonous tasks. Already today, they fill warehouse orders, flip burgers and provide financial consulting.


Field workers are being replaced by robotic fruit harvesters, which can pick ten times more usable fruit than the average worker, while UI Designers are seeing AI tools convert design mockups into source code.


It seems, if these early indicators hold true, that within the next five years workers around the world will no longer be slaves to uninspired, or boring, roles to play. But will there be a role for these displaced human workers in the future?


AI takes, but it also gives back

No one should underestimate the employment upheaval AI is about to unleash upon knowledge workers. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be opportunities in the future for those that embrace the artificial intelligence that initially betrayed them.


For employees willing to learn new skills that stimulate rather than sedate, AI can deliver a much rosier future. Utilizing artificial intelligence and wearable devices, combined with advances in education, we can dramatically reduce the time it takes to learn new skills. And so those who are stuck in dreary, boring and repetitive roles today, could find themselves living out the job of their dreams tomorrow.


Author: Tamar Poleg
I am a Boomer: during the first 40 year of my life technological changes took a slow and steady pace to settle down. For the last 15 years it feels like riding on a runaway train.



Today’s bored employees could be the superstars of tomorrow


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Today’s bored employees could be the superstars of tomorrow