The Biggest Trends and Opportunities In 2018 For Mobile Financial Services

bots, blockchain, and  branchless banking are the upcoming trends for mobile financial service providers 2018

The world of mobile financial services is ever evolving. And, as we progress into 2018, we wanted to take a close look at the biggest trends shaping our markets.


For example:

  • Who will most benefit from the decreasing costs of mobile remittances as virtual currencies reduce fees from 6% to 2.7%?
  • How can financial services organization keep up with the latest competition being presented by the innovative services offered by digital natives such as Google and Facebook?


Mobile Financial Services Trends Survey


What do you think will be the biggest trend for mobile financial services in 2018? Will it be bots, blockchain, or branchless banking?


In addition to surveying the different consumer preferences in mobile banking, and the stakeholder plays that are bringing change, we also spoke with influential CEOs and thought leaders to get their exclusive insights.


QR Codes for Mobile Payments


For example, Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt, the Philippines based fintech financial services company that is wholly-owned by Globe Telecom, said:


“(An expected trend is that) payments in physical establishments through QR codes will enable customers to use their mobile phones to scan these codes to pay.”



Mobile Financial Services for the Unbanked

In addition, Brett King, CEO of Moven Bank, a mobile financial service provider operating in the United States, shared with us his exclusive insight that:


“There was a view a few years ago as mobile was hitting its stride that it was all about millennials. But the reality is mobile globally has done more for the unbanked and underbanked than any other financial services channel, policy or regulation in the last 100 years.”


We invite you to check out the answers and get more exclusive insights from leading banking CEO by downloading our latest ebook.




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2018 will bring see new trends for mobile financial services, like virtual currencies, mobile banking, and bots


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2018 will bring see new trends for mobile financial services, like virtual currencies, mobile banking, and bots