Contextual Digital Engagement

Personalized and Adaptive Customer Journeys

Your digital customers expect you to provide value and keep up with their needs, preferences, and expectations. By delivering superior experiences you will build more trusting and personal relationships.


The key is Contextual Digital Engagement with every customer, at every interaction, channel, and touch-point. By gathering data from various internal and external data sources, applying analytics in real time to take the Next Best Action, and then personalizing customer engagements, our offering enables you to better manage your customers’ journeys.

Customer Value Management

Manage customers’ lifecycles on an individual basis using customer behavioral and predicted patterns throughout their journey.


Personalized Customer Experience

Personalize every aspect of the engagement - product, pricing, and touchpoint – in real time.


Proactive Customer Care

Anticipate your customers’ needs, and provide timely and valuable actions to address them

Entel Customer Testimonial

Entel drives revenue and slashes churn with Amdocs aia


  • Sustainable impact on your customer value

    Managing continuous dialogue with every customer and automatically adapting every engagement to the specific context of the individual customer helps increase revenues and customer loyalty

  • Coherent customer experience

    Provide a consistent and coherent experience by centrally managing Digital Customer Engagement for both inbound and outbound engagements, and across all channels and touchpoints

  • Guaranteed results

    Through an extensive set of proven best-practices packaged into the product and available through our expert services

  • Significant agility for the business user

    Providing the business user with direct control on the customer experience through real-time dashboards. You can streamline processes for identifying key trends that impact the effectiveness of customer promotions and offers

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