Convergent Charging and Billing

Charging and Billing for the Digital World


The most comprehensive revenue management suite for the telecommunications industry should provide an end-to-end cloud enabled solution for real-time rating, charging and billing for truly convergent operations of all customer segments and product types. Amdocs Convergent Charging & Billing is built for the demands of the telecommunications market and the fast moving pace of innovation in our digital world.  

Offering Includes:

Amdocs Convergent Charging


Real-time, cloud enabled convergent charging  for next generation networks and innovative services. The holistic approach from network to revenue means that communications, cable, entertainment and media service providers can quickly monetize new services while delivering maximum value to customers.



Amdocs Billing & Financials


A complete Accounts Receivable, Collections, Invoicing and Bill Presentment suite designed to help service providers deliver a quality billing experience for all lines of business and all customer types, including business and residential.



Amdocs Partner Management


A comprehensive partner management and settlement solution designed to support the complete partnership life-cycle. From automated partner on-boarding, ongoing management and performance analysis, the solution offers fully customizable multi-tiered settlement schemes to rich partner self-service capabilities. 

Real Time Charging on the Cloud

Take charging to the clouds with virtualization and automated scalability.

Business Benefits

  • Omni-Convergent Charging & Billing

    One real-time system for prepaid, postpaid, multiplay, IoT and all customer segments

  • Empower Digital Transformation

    Interface with mobile, web and partner apps to put the power of charging at customers’ fingertips

  • Charge into the Cloud

    Ready for virtualized environments and the cloud with elastic, always-on charging

  • Rapid Time to market for Innovation

    Flexible customer model, rating logic and business UI to quickly launch innovative offers

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Virtualized real time charging: Amdocs Convergent Charging

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