Digital Monetization

Monetize the Digital Economy


Amdocs Digital Monetization is the leading solution for monetizing service provider offerings, ensuring their success in transforming to a digital telecom business.

Amdocs Digital Monetization enables service providers to launch innovative products to market quickly and enrich their offerings with partner services and effectively monetize their full portfolio of digital services with a flexible, cloud-enabled real-time system.

Offering Includes:




Business-driven launch of products and services at the speed of innovation.

Amdocs Digital Monetization includes a cloud-native product catalog allowing service providers to launch any-play bundles of services and innovate with ease with flexible product and pricing parameters. Developed based on the principles of design led thinking, the UI is simple, flexible and collaborative and makes it possible to bring new offers to market in minutes.





Enrich offerings with partner services and become a platform of choice for partners


Amdocs Digital Monetization helps service providers ramp up the partner onboarding process, easily bundle partner services into their plans, expose APIs to partners that allow them to benefit from service provider systems and handle complex settlement models with multiple partners that support new business models in the digital economy





Monetize all digital services with a flexible, real-time cloud system


Amdocs Digital Monetization with our Convergent Charging and Billing solution is built to handle the challenges of the digital economy. The single, real-time monetization engine for all lines of business, customer segments and payment types enables service providers to monetize content, IoT and digital life as well as traditional multi-play services.

Real-time user controls and flexible plan parameters help deliver on the promise of digital immediacy and personalization.

The cloud architecture, with automatic elasticity enables dynamic allocation of resources and 24x7 charging availability for true business agility.  

Charging and Digital Transformation

Amdocs commissioned a survey of 80 service providers from around the world and asked them about the future of Digital Charging & Billing. Read the whitepaper and view full webinar

Business Benefits

  • Omni-Convergent Charging & Billing

    One real-time system for prepaid, postpaid, multiplay, IoT and all customer segments

  • Empower Digital Transformation

    Interface with mobile, web and partner apps to put the power of charging at customers’ fingertips

  • Charge into the Cloud

    Ready for virtualized environments and the cloud with elastic, always-on charging

  • Rapid Time to market for Innovation

    Flexible customer model, rating logic and business UI to quickly launch innovative offers

Customer Success

  • Magdalina Lin

    EVP of IT, FET

  • Dian Siswarini

    CEO, XL Axiata

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