Untangle Enterprise Sales Complexity with Agile Lead-to-Cash Automation

Untangle Enterprise Sales Complexity with Agile Lead-to-Cash Automation

Increase sales win-rate and profitability, reduce order fall-out and cancellations

Capturing the enterprise market requires the agility to deliver services faster. It also demands the ability to accurately quote complex sales and introduce new, innovative and compelling enterprise services beyond connectivity at a rapid pace.


But all too often, current systems and processes stand in the way.


Lead-to-care processes are typically manual, labor-intensive and fragmented, while existing systems are siloed and disconnected, often based on individual product lines, businesses and so on. Meanwhile, closed, monolithic software solutions lack the extensibility to support business processes for new service domains and offerings.

The result is a long and cumbersome sales cycle, complex order delivery with limited visibility, a poor customer experience and a slow, challenging process to introduce new services.


The key to overcoming the main challenges of the enterprise sales process lies in a telco-specific, lead-to-cash solution for automating processes such as configure-price-quote and order capture and handling.


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