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What opportunity does 5G bring cable providers?
Light Reading’s Alan Breznick speaks with Amdocs’ Yogen Patel about use cases and opportunities
How AI is Changing the Creative Process: Q&A with Darcy Antonellis

In this Q&A with Interesting Engineering, Darcy Antonellis talks about the increased role AI will play in Hollywood’s production process.

Why AI is critical for an IoT breakthrough

Gil Rosen, president and general manager, amdocs:next, shares how AI and IoT working together will effectively digitize the physical world

How technology will change Hollywood’s creative experience

Darcy Antonellis, head of Amdocs Media, explains how AI will change the way producers and directors create content

5G’s game-changer is more than just speed

Anthony Goonetilleke, group president, Media, Network and Technology, talks 5G’s missing puzzle pieces, and its impending impact on the industry

3 places to start your automation journey

In this Q&A, Angela Logothetis, CTO, Amdocs Open Network, explains why automation is critical for the 5G era

Why eSIM is the key to better consumer and business experiences

Gary Miles, Amdocs’ chief marketing officer, shares what long and short-term goals should be to encourage eSIM adoption

How is the convergence of networks and IT affecting the communications industry?

In this Q&A with TM Forum, Anthony Goonetilleke, group president, Media, Network and Technology, talks about reskilling the workforce, diversity, and the societal impact of digitization

Why IoT is the mobile internet all over again

Gil Rosen, president and general manager, amdocs:next, says IoT is “on the cusp” like the mobile internet before iPhone. When the IoT revolution hits, it’ll be a more significant cultural change than ever before.

3 ways to help employees succeed in a hybrid IT environment

Avishai Sharlin, general manager, Amdocs Technology, says employers need to know this when operating in a hybrid ecosystem

Consumer Streaming Challenges

A recent study from Amdocs shows that consumers feel overwhelmed by increased subscription options and need a simpler way to manage their experience.

analyst insight
Podcast: What you need to know about 5G

In this ongoing series, Heavy Reading analysts and Amdocs discuss the challenges and opportunities of 5G.

analyst report
The secret to growing B2B sales while reducing costs

In this 451 Research report, read about a significant cable provider’s journey to modernize their CPQ system

Addressing the challenge of network management in the 5G era

This article, in collaboration with Dresden University’s 5G Lab in Germany, includes strategies to stay efficient

How to use identity to improve the customer experience

Download this research from TM Forum to learn how digital identity can be a strategic capability for your business

analyst whitepaper
How to better meet enterprise customer expectations

Download this Heavy Reading whitepaper and read strategic recommendations for communications providers

executive insight
What opportunities will cloud gaming bring communications providers?

In this USA Today piece, Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs’ group president of Amdocs Technology, Media and Network, as well as other industry voices, discuss cloud gaming post-E3 2019

This is what the future of content looks like

You need to know what consumers worldwide expect and where they are frustrated. Read the Vanson Bourne research.

This is what will drive 5G adoption

Ovum reports: these events will change everything

executive insight
What you need to know about consumer privacy in the age of direct-content-to-consumer?

Darcy Antonellis, head of Amdocs Media, shares how 60% of consumers would be willing to give up their data for better TV access. What does this mean for content owners and distributors?

What does it take to manage a hybrid network effectively?

Angela Logothetis, vice president, and CTO of Amdocs Open Network, talks about the importance of hybrid networks as the network continuously evolves