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How 5G network slicing drives innovation

Angela Logothetis, CTO of Amdocs Open Network, explains why network slicing is one of the most fascinating aspects of 5G

How COVID-19 accelerated the move to digital

What doors has COVID-19 opened for service providers? Anthony Goonetilleke, group president, Media, Network and Technology, Amdocs, shares findings.

How telcos will transform into experience service providers

What’s an experience service provider, and why might they arrive sooner than we expect? Amalia Avramov, group president, Amdocs Global SmartOps and Optima, explains.

How COVID-19 has changed the future of 5G

Angela Logothetis, CTO of Amdocs Open Network, weighs in on the long and short term impacts of COVID-19 on 5G’s rollout.

How do we better manage the in-home broadband explosion?

With connected devices and broadband being critical in the home, how can we better manage demand? It starts with intelligence. Gil Rosen, president of amdocs:next, explains.

3 critical ways to improve business agility in a post-COVID-19 world

Yariv Hasar, general manager of Amdocs Development, says these are the three areas development organizations must focus on moving forward

How our business transformation helped us cope with COVID-19 disruption

COVID-19 put businesses worldwide to the test. Avishai Sharlin, general manager, Amdocs Technology, explains how Amdocs’ transformation journey has prepared us for that moment.

How AI is changing the creative process

In this Q&A with Interesting Engineering, Darcy Antonellis, head of Amdocs Media, talks about the increased role AI will play in Hollywood’s production process.

What consumers really expect from 5G

Consumers recognize the benefits of 5G beyond speed, but what experiences do they want? Anthony Goonetilleke shares Amdocs’ research findings.

Why consumers say subscriptions services are getting too hard to manage

With more streaming options than ever, what do consumers want you to know? Darcy Antonellis shares key findings from our recent research.

Here are the 5G experiences consumers want

Our research shows consumers recognize the benefits of 5G beyond speed. So what experiences do they want? Angela Logothetis, CTO of Amdocs Open Network, shares insights.

What consumers really expect from 5G

Amdocs surveyed 1,000 consumers, and the results may surprise you

COVID-19 consumer insights

An Amdocs survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers shows many are venturing into new territory for the first time

Appledore Research: The promise of slicing in the 5G era

5G will change the business model for how services are delivered with the ability to carve the network into finer grain slices. Patrick Kelly shares his insights.

6 largest OTT integration barriers for CSPs

How to address six OTT integration barriers to successfully monetize OTT services within your business

white paper
Delivering next-generation OTT bundles

Download this whitepaper from MTM to learn more about integration challenges and opportunities

analyst insight
Why sports are going direct-to-consumer

Learn about the key opportunities of creating a direct relationship with fans

analyst insight
The importance of AI-driven operations

TM Forum describes best practices of service providers around the world that infuse “smart” into their operations

Why centralized intelligence is critical to AI’s success

Learn more about how you can take on implementation challenges

The state of 5G network slicing

What do your peers think of 5G network slicing’s value? Read our survey results to find out.

What is "Uber AI" and why do we need it?

Gil Rosen, general manager & president of amdocs:next, discusses why a different kind of AI is needed to ensure every bit of intelligence is captured