Innovation Management

Bringing ideas to life at Amdocs through systematic innovation

Amdocs programs are designed to cultivate innovation by harnessing our organization’s talent so that Amdocs employees can bring their ideas to life. With systematic innovation tools and a human-centered approach facilitated by design-led thinking, we put the emphasis on the execution of ideas and the creation of customer-centric solutions.

Amdocs fosters a culture of innovation by actively up-skilling, encouraging, rewarding and recognizing employee innovation efforts.

At Amdocs, innovation is a way of life!

Center of Excellence
The Amdocs Innovation Center of Excellence addresses business challenges, creates an innovation culture, and emphasizes the importance of innovation execution. This center encompasses our innovation leaders’ community, innovation campus, Univation (our Innovation University), disruptive leadership programs, as well as a toolbox of methodologies, best practices, training and support.

NEST Program
A specially designed methodology to foster and encourage innovation execution, the Nest Program provides best-practice methodologies to help define, refine, validate, evolve and transform creative ideas into tangible business opportunities.

Based on cutting-edge innovation methodologies from the lean start-up world, this program offers ‘intrapreneurs’ an actionable toolkit, dedicated mentoring, a supporting reporting system, and clear KPIs for success.

Design-led organization
Our unique approach to problem solving uses design thinking while focusing on the human aspect. Embedding design thinking into our processes, we begin with the end users’ needs as a first step to achieving the solution. Design thinking methodology supports our customers with valuable new insights about the needs of their customers.