Redefining Billing in the Age of Gen AI:

Redefining Billing in the Age of Gen AI:

Adapting to Telecom's New Customer Expectations

An insightful discussion between industry analysts John Abraham of Appledore
and Tomer Gingold, Head of Amdocs Monetization Experience Business Unit.

Redefining Billing in the Age of Gen AI:

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In the dynamic world of telecommunications, the evolution of billing systems is not just a necessity but a strategic imperative for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). The forces reshaping telecom monetization and transforming traditional billing to innovative practices are advancements in 5G, rapid adoption of new technologies, and the widespread evolution of generative AI.

In a recent "The Great Indoors" podcast episode, Matt Roberts, Head of Customer Marketing, Americas, Amdocs, and guest host Tomer Gingold, Head of Amdocs Monetization Experience Business Unit at Amdocs sat down with telecom industry's renowned analysts John Abraham, Senior Analyst at Appledore to discuss all things telecom monetization and delved into the shifting sands of telecom billing. The discussion, rich with insights, explored how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are being compelled to redefine their monetization strategies from the perspective of what to monetize to "how they should monetize their core services versus emerging options. 


John Abraham highlighted the historically complex nature of telecom billing, noting its status as a critical investment area for CSPs even before customer experience became a focal point. The conversation pointed out the changing landscape where billing systems, once custom-tailored to fit rigid process models, now face obsolescence due to their inability to adapt to the fast-paced changes in the telecom sector, including 5G rollouts and API monetization.

Tomer Gingold contributed to the discussion by emphasizing the expansion of CSP service offerings, moving beyond traditional models to incorporate a wide array of emerging services, including over-the-top (OTT) bundles. This diversification and customer expectations shaped by digital giants like Netflix and Amazon necessitate more agile and transparent billing systems.


"Our customers are expecting a much better experience, absolutely faster, much more immediate, much more transparent. So, to cater to these expanding services, CSPs can no longer have traditional billing. They need something else."

Tomer Gingold

Head of Amdocs Monetization Experience Business Unit

The introduction of 5G has opened up new monetization avenues, moving beyond traditional metrics like data and voice minutes to more innovative models such as API monetization and network slicing. This shift calls for billing systems supporting diverse monetization strategies, reflecting the need for not just flexibility in how services are packaged and sold but also agility to meet market demands in time.

An intriguing aspect of the conversation was the impact of generative AI (Gen AI) on telecom billing. Tomer and John foresee Gen AI playing a crucial role in enhancing billing efficiency and customer experience. Gen AI's potential to transform telecom billing is vast, from reducing call center traffic related to billing issues to providing personalized plan recommendations. However, the success of these initiatives hinges on the AI models' ability to understand and contextualize telecom-specific data. 

“Telco context is going to be the secret sauce that differentiates true experience and, you know, the mediocre ones.”

John Abraham, Senior Analyst, Appledore

As the telecom industry continues to navigate through a period of rapid technological change, the discussion between John Abraham and Tomer Gingold serves as a timely reflection on the need for CSPs to adopt more flexible, efficient, and customer-focused billing solutions. Their insights underscore the importance of innovation in billing systems as CSPs strive to meet new market demands and customer expectations, marking a fascinating era for telecom monetization. Tune in for the entire episode!



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