26-29, February


4 days


09:00-17:30 (CET)


Barcelona, Fira Gran Via, Hall 3, Stand 3G10

We're excited to meet you as we unveil our latest, game-changing offerings.

Experience innovation firsthand, and explore our cutting-edge solutions, tailored for accelerating revenue opportunities, enhancing productivity and elevating user experience across the board.

Visit us at MWC  in Barcelona and dive into live demonstrations of GenAI services and copilot products, embark on a journey through an autonomous store, and participate in engaging experiences involving green initiatives, futuristic concepts, and the high-speed world of 5G vehicles. It’s your exclusive sneak peek into the very latest in transformative technologies.



Game-changing Generative AI

Utilize the power of Generative AI to elevate customer engagement, boost productivity, accelerate time-to-market, and much, much more.

Smart network automation

Realize new network technologies and services, empowered by GenAI, to automate and dynamically program networks while introducing new 5G revenue streams and propelling the business forward.

Unparalleled user experiences

Offer personalized, contextualized experiences for all user types, customers and employees, by harnessing the full potential of GenAI to boost productivity and enhance user interactions.

Next-level IT efficiency

Boost telco efficiency across the board with GenAI-assisted IT services solutions that drive autonomy, optimize operations, advance cloud migration, and reduce time-to-market.

Go big on B2B

Rise to meet evolving demands and capitalize on growth opportunities with GenAI capabilities that provide new and innovative offerings for your B2B customers.

Amdocs activities

Monday - Feb 26

11:00 - 12:00
Freestyle Morning @Amdocs booth

Happy Hour - Amdocs Standalone IT Services launch @Amdocs booth

Tuesday - Feb 27

10:30 - 11:45
Celebrating ESG Innovation based on the TM Forum Catalyst win: Green Morning with AWS + Vodafone / Snowflake @Amdocs booth

GenAI Cocktail Time with NVIDIA & Microsoft @Amdocs booth

Wednesday - Feb 28

09:00 - 10:30
Customer workshop: OSS, Network Automation @Fira Congress Hotel

16:00 - 18:30
Amdocs Platinum Sponsor: MVNO Summit @Fira, Hall 8  

ALL DAY - Podcast Station Amdocs


Gil Rosen
Gil Rosen

Chief Marketing Officer

Panel:  Never Too Young to Lead
The youth of today will be tomorrow’s leaders, let’s learn from them and invest in these trailblazers by providing them with the opportunity to interview our industry leaders on some crucial and important topics. Through this engaging interview, you will have the chance to hear firsthand from these young heads on what they see as the key issues, trends, and challenges within the industry today. The session aims to inspire and motivate both young and experienced professionals by showcasing the unique perspectives and innovative ideas of the next generation of leaders, fostering a culture of mentorship and collaboration across generations.

Moderator: Avanti Sharma: Pre-Teen Technology Specialist & Head of Business Development at Workshop4Me, Brand Ambassador of Girls in Tech Luxembourg

Format: 30 min panel interview

When: Monday 26th February – 17:15-17:45

Where: Debate Stage, Hall 6

About the moderator: Avanti, won ICT Rising Star special award at IT Ladies night in December 2019, selected as Finalist in Technology Playmaker awards ‘Rising Star of the year’, London. Avanti started coding from the age of 7 and started teaching youngsters when she turned 9.


Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn  Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn
Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn

Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing I ESG, Amdocs


Panel: Measuring diversity & inclusion: setting goals & tracking progress

  • Idit Duvdevany Aronsohn - Head of Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Wellbeing I ESG. Amdocs (Confirmed)
  • Claire Thomas - Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Hitachi Vantara (Confirmed)
  • Neil Milliken - Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion and member of the Scientific Community, Atos (Confirmed)
  • Moderator: Fiona Onochie - Head of Recruitment & DEI, HR, Corporate Services, GSMA (Confirmed)

When: Tuesday 27th February – 10:30-11:00

Where: Debate Stage

Providing practical insights and strategies for effectively measuring and tracking diversity and inclusion efforts within organizations, this session will explore the importance of setting clear goals and objectives related to diversity and inclusion. Establishing meaningful metrics and indicators is key for progress and attendees will learn about various measurement frameworks, tools, and methodologies that can be utilized to collect and analyze data on diversity and inclusion. The session will also address the challenges and potential biases within measurements and provide guidance on how to mitigate them. By attending this session, participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical tips to develop robust strategies, set realistic goals and track progress towards creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces.


Gadi Solotorevsky
Gadi Solotorevsky

Head of Data Engineering, (G)AI and ML, Amdocs Data Intelligence, Amdocs


Panel: The Customer Experience Revolution in the AI Era
Businesses across every industries are in constant pursuit of ways to meet evolving customer demands. In an era where AI is transforming the way companies interact with customers, from chatbots to personalized recommendations and automated healthcare, it's essential to stay updated. This session will delve into the latest trends and proven strategies for AI-driven services. Discover how the industries of telco, marketing, retail, finance and more can seamlessly integrate AI into customer engagement and support strategies to elevate your business to new heights.

Moderator: Dawn Anderson, Senior Managing Director, Song - Communications & Media, Accenture

  • Dr Gadi Solotorevsky, CTO, Amdocs cVidya
  • Lilac Ilan, Global Head of Business Development, Telco Operations, NVIDIA
  • Eugina Jordan, CMO, TIP

When: Tuesday Feb. 27th 13.15-14.15

Where: Stage A.



Anthony Goonetilleke
Anthony Goonetilleke

Group President, Technology & Head of Strategy, Amdocs


5G and Edge Computing
Two transformative technologies with the ability to increase speed and reduce latency, but add Artificial Intelligence into the mix and you have a convergence of technologies that could really drive innovation and unlock astonishing possibilities. Our panel of experts will discuss its potential to deliver real-world use cases and intelligent applications within autonomous vehicles, drones, smart cities and connected health; whilst also addressing the challenges and considerations associated with advanced interoperability, including data privacy, security, and network infrastructure requirements.

WHEN: Wednesday 28th February – 11:00-11:45

WHERE: Stage A

Riki Efraim-Lederman
Riki Efraim-Lederman

General Manager, Amdocs ConnectX (formerly Amdocs Digital Brands Suite)


Panel: MVNO Summit - Technology & strategies to meet growing consumer expectations.
Join us as we delve into insights from trailblazing MVNOs, exploring their adoption of innovative business models and strategies for commercial sustainability. These pioneers not only weather the industry's challenges but thrive in the competitive landscape. Additionally, we will gain perspectives from businesses that have strategically diversified their core offerings by establishing MVNO arms, enabling them to scale and differentiate effectively. The broader ecosystem will also weigh in, elucidating the key elements that define a successful MVNO partnership.


  • Stephen Breen: Director of International Partnerships, Cubic Telecom
  • Marjolein Medendorp: Roaming Expert, Telefonica Mòviles Spain

When: Wed, 28 Feb: 16:00 - 18:30

Where:  Partner Theatre 4, Hall 8.0 – 4YFN & Partner Theatres


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