Inward Awakening - the journey starts with you, featuring Chardelle Moore

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S2 E8

30 Mar 2021


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Chardelle Moore

Motivational Moore

Mar 30, 2021
Inward Awakening- the journey starts with you - with Chardelle Moore

On this episode of The Great Indoors, Matt is joined by Chardelle Moore, a multidisciplinary artist, storyteller, speaker and visionary. Chardelle left her job as a television anchor and producer at WBFF Fox 45 in Baltimore to launch her own company, Motivational Moore where she leads her own production ventures in music, film, TV, and all sorts of digital media.

Matt and Chardelle discuss: Chardelle’s greatest inspirations (her parents— but also herself!); finding peace through her “soul fuel”; motivation and balance as we navigate the pandemic; and how to find the joy in your journey.

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