Private LTE 5G Networks - The futureproofing healthcare solution for secure & reliable networks

Connected Real Estate Magazine

29 Apr 2021


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Varun Vashisht, director of emerging technologies at Amdocs and Eric Abbott, adjunct professor at Northwestern University and healthcare expert.

Network connectivity is a critical aspect of healthcare IT infrastructure. As healthcare organizations continue to introduce numerous connected medical and IoT devices to their digital environments, more secure and reliable networks are required to enable medical providers to interact with information quicker, so they can spend more time interacting with patients.

Modernization of networks through private LTE/5G is necessary to maximize coverage, improve reliability and maintain robust security. However, to know which solutions will be most effective, we need to look at the device ecosystem, applications, and the degree of reliance on third parties.

The discussion includes:

  • Why healthcare applications are shifting to private wireless network
  • How private wireless networks deliver more reliability and coverage than Wi-Fi
  • Why investment now in CBRS private networks is critical for reliable healthcare IoT
  • Key private 4G/5G network use cases for healthcare

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