The Promise of 5G: Is it ready to deliver? Featuring Jim Brisimitzis

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Matt Roberts, Amdocs

S2 E2

02 Feb 2021


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5G is an opportunity for us all to think differently. It’s not just a faster way of connecting our mobile devices – it’s really much bigger than that.

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Jim Brisimitzis

Founder & General Partner, 5G Open Innovation Lab

Feb 2, 2021
The Promise of 5G: Is it ready to deliver? featuring Jim Brisimitzis

On this episode of The Great Indoors, Matt breaks down the promises and exciting new use cases of 5G technology with Jim Brisimitzis. Jim has over 20 years of enterprise channel startup experience at companies like Nortel and Microsoft and is the founder of the 5G Open Innovation Lab in Seattle, Washington.

The lab is focused on discovering, accelerating and promoting future 5G use cases which Matt and Jim discuss as they analyze the growing and groundbreaking value propositions of this exciting technology and what it can really do for modern society. In fact, as we launch this episode, an exciting press release hits the news about what 5G technology can do for farmers in rural America.

5G Open Innovation Lab Launches App Dev Field Lab for Agriculture:

Video: What does the Food Resiliency program mean to farmers?


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