The six steps to turning your catalog into a driver for growth

Learn how to stay ahead in this hyper-digital age with a solution that delivers ground-breaking digital faster than everybody else.

21 Jul 2020


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These days you’ve got to deliver more than connectivity – you’ve got to give your customers the best and latest ‘digital lifestyle’.

So how do you consistently deliver ground-breaking digital to market quicker than your competitors? There are 6 steps that will achieve that goal and transform your catalog into a growth driver:

  1. Define and create new offers and promotions
  2. Centralize multiple local catalogs and apply a consistent and unified data model
  3. Have the intelligence to optimize offers
  4. Quickly launch innovative offers and promotions with third-party products / services
  5. Achieve product lifecycle management across the entire organization
  6. Establish a microservices-based cloud-native architecture

Discover the solution that will make that possible for you – every step of the way. It’s called CatalogONE...


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