A Delivery Powerhouse

Powering Digital Transformations

We dare. We do. We deliver.


Our world is changing. The needs of customers are evolving, and they expect you keep up with their lightning-fast, digital pace. To win in this demanding new environment you need a digital transformation.


But transformations can be complex, costly, time consuming, and risky.


This is where Amdocs Delivery comes in. With our extensive experience, unique set of methodologies and practices, and a team of the industry’s most inventive and experienced delivery professionals, we ensure a faster time to market and true business value.


Partner with us and unleash the potential of your digital transformation.

The Amdocs Delivery Value-Add


An Engineering Powerhouse

Amdocs brings over 30 years of deep delivery experience. With our customers, including the world’s leading service providers, our success rate is unmatched.


Our Paragon Methodology 

We drive your transformation with our Paragon methodology and its broad portfolio of applications and best practices. We deliver through mature telco-specific methodologies, supporting all phases of the project life cycle, while accommodating flexibility upon project type.


Another key enabler is the Amdocs Delivery Solution Book, a repository of business and functional best practices based on our field proven implementation success.


A Team of Top Talent

Our experienced professionals have the “always deliver” DNA – so that regardless of the effort or challenge, they will be relentless in achieving your success. Our professionals offer a one-stop-shop for program definition, development, and deployment.


This is how we enable CxOs to take on transformation projects with real confidence for success. We dare to think different. Act different. Be different.



  • Manage complexity through innovation

    Transformation projects don’t just succeed on their own. Infusing innovation into inherent complexity is a major differentiator

  • Faster time to market

    Our unique set of methodologies and practices delivers faster time to market

  • True business value

    Our methodology ensures that your IT transformation delivers true business transformation

  • Trusted partner

    Our mission is to partner with our customers to transform into the new world, unleashing their potential