Amdocs DevOps Services

Delivering Faster Time to Value

Amdocs DevOps Services is a portfolio of services tailored for the service provider, backed by unique Amdocs IP to help service providers achieve faster time to value with new feature development.




DevOps Consulting Service
Consulting and change management services to facilitate the service provider journey to be a DevOps organization.


Ongoing DevOps Development & Operations
Full application lifecycle management, using DevOps best practices and tools, including optimizing applications for DevOps.


Enterprise Orchestration
Orchestration and governance across multiple managed services vendors to facilitate the development, testing and deployment of new services across multiple systems and domains.



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Amdocs DevOps Services

Achieve Faster Time to Value

The pace of change continues to accelerate.  In order to keep up and get ahead, you need to adopt DevOps processes & technologies.  Learn how Amdocs can help bring DevOps to your organization.

Why Amdocs DevOps Services?

  • Faster Time to Market

    Deploy more new services, with greater speed, due to agile development and automation.

  • Enhanced Agility

    Respond to marketplace changes and customer feedback, giving your customers the services they want, when they want them

  • Improved Product Quality

    Shift-left, automated testing leads to fewer defects and less system downtime, resulting in higher customer satisfaction

  • Overall Efficiency

    Eliminate waste, and deploy only the features your customers want

Our Experts Talk

  • Expert 1

    DevOps expert series video 1


  • Expert 2

    DevOps expert series videos 2


  • Expert 3

    DevOps expert series videos 3


The Value of DevOps


Achieving Faster Time to Value

Learn how a tier-1 North American service provider enhanced service quality while reducing their costs using Amdocs DevOps services

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Unlocking the Value of DevOps

Learn how DevOps enables the business agility needed to implement new ventures at short notice.



DevOps as Enabler for Agile Operations

Ovum analyst Kris Szaniawski discusses how service providers are prioritizing DevOps as a key driver for gaining agility.

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