Amdocs, Mtel and TIM Brasil Win GTB Innovation Awards

News Article May 12 2015
Amdocs, in conjunction with customers Mtel and TIM Brasil, came away with two major awards for consumer services innovation at last night's prestigious Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards ceremony in London. Mtel and Amdocs were recognized for the deployment of Amdocs' enterprise catalog, reducing time to market for consumer services by 90%, while Amdocs and TIM Brasil were recognized for the "blah" unified communications app which proves that service providers can compete against OTT players.

TIM Brasil's success with its "blah" unified communications app proves that service providers can compete against OTT players.
TIM Brasil is Brazil's #2 mobile service provider, with 73.9 million customers. Now, TIM has become one of the world's first service providers to offer rich communication services—such as instant messaging, high-definition VoIP, video calls and conferences—while keeping the user inside the brand. The innovative TIM Brasil "blah" unified communications services app helps the operator avoid losing interactions to over-the-top (OTT) competitors, while saving TIM Brasil subscribers money on call costs.

Launched in April 2014, blah has already broken the 1.5 million downloads barrier, exceeding TIM's expectations and far surpassing any other app introduced by the Brazilian operator – positioning TIM Brasil as the country's most innovative service provider.

Based on the Amdocs Unified Communications (UC) solution and specially adapted to meet TIM's requirements, blah proves that service providers can successfully compete with OTT players and deliver differentiated, high-value services.

From three weeks to three days: Mtel achieves 90% time-to-market reduction and almost-immediate market responsiveness from innovative product catalog redeployment
"Few of even the more advanced service providers have yet to fully exploit their enterprise catalogs from a market agility point of view" – Rob Rich, Principal Analyst, Rich Media Research.

Mtel has. And it has managed to reduce its time to market – from idea to rollout – for consumer services by an astonishing 90%.

Mtel product changes previously took approximately three weeks because every change – even minor ones like price rates – necessitated transferring the entire catalog database to all supporting systems, and performing both regression and progression tests to ensure nothing was damaged in the process.

So Mtel asked Amdocs to help them to create, approve, implement and test and rollout consumer-ready product content in days, rather than weeks).

Amdocs upgraded the existing Amdocs product catalog within a new type of architectural environment where supporting systems would only need to updated with incremental changes rather than uploading the entire database.