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Ensure 5G readiness with intelligent network densification and analytics

Proven and scalable solutions that support service providers on their journey to 5G networks, with critical analytics and processes that improve the quality of experience and accelerate problem resolution.


Quality of Experience

Enhances quality of experience for both enterprise and consumer segments, including IoT services, through targeted optimization and rapid problem resolution, while leveraging existing network resources and new investments.


5G Readiness

Amdocs supports service providers’ network densification projects by employing the latest protocols and virtualized network elements, while improving network automation with analytics, to enable scale-up opportunities ranging from planning through rollout and operation.


Efficient Engineering and Operation

Domain-specific processes for RAN, backhaul, core network and the introduction of new vendors creates silos that impede rapid problem resolution & service quality, while driving up operational costs. These are compounded by manual processes & lack of automation.

Amdocs' vendor neutrality & cross-domain experience helps us accelerate problem resolution.


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  • Independent

    True multi-vendor offering, 100% focus on maximizing network ROI

  • Expert

    Leading with software solutions for over 25 years and more than 10 years providing multi-vendor services

  • Deliver

    100+ customer engagements, tailored / scalable to customer processes

  • Proven

    Successful at tier-1 service providers, trusted by major operator groups

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NxM: How to better understand and manage network experience

Network quality remains a key competitive asset for mobile network operators (MNOs), and is one of the top 3 reasons for service uptake and churn. Still, MNOs have typically followed a deployment and optimization approach that disregards the actual judge of network quality: their customers (subscribers, end users). As the ancient Greek philosopher Protagoras said: “Man is the measure of all things”.


A new era for wireless: from network to network-experience focused

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