Network IT Modernization

True, hybrid-capable OSS

Amdocs offers a complete solution for network IT modernization by leveraging our proven OSS and NFV capabilities. This enables service providers to make a smooth and rapid transition to hybrid operations at the pace they want. With Amdocs as the transformation partner, service providers do not have to incur operational gaps in managerial functionality as they make the transition to next generation OSS.

Amdocs Network IT Modernization Hybrid Blueprint


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  • Vendor agnostic

    Independent of all network equipment providers and promotes open interfaces

  • BSS-OSS integration and catalog-driven fulfillment

    Integrates data among products, services and processes, and across BSS and OSS

  • Tailored, hybrid-ready inventory federation and consolidation

    End-to-end unified inventory that spans NFV, SDN and traditional networks to rapidly make hybrid network operations possible

  • Award-winning NFV and hybrid network capability and approach

    Metro Ethernet Forum – Vendor of the Year for technology solutions; Global Telecom – Ground-breaking NFV initiative; Leading Lights – Most innovative NFV product strategy

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Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator

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Amdocs Order Delivery Orchestrator

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