Network Rollout

Accelerate rollouts by up to 40%, cut rollout costs by up to 35%

Improve the speed and efficiency of network rollouts. Accelerate the rollout of new network technologies such as Deep Fiber, LTE-A, 5G and IoT. Upgrade existing networks to support capacity demand. Amdocs Network Rollout solution automates and streamlines end-to-end network build processes, accelerating rollouts by up to 40% and driving down rollout costs by as much as 35%.

Offer Includes

Amdocs Network Rollout Solution


Deploy new types of repeatable end-to-end network build workflows, execute and manage them, and track their progress on a highly visual user interface. Amdocs Network Rollout Solution enables operations personnel to efficiently execute projects, track and manage their progress. Its guided task flows have reduced the number of user steps in bulk-operations by up to 90%.


Amdocs Network Rollout Partner Ecosystem


Amdocs Network Rollout Partner Ecosystem expands Amdocs Network Rollout solution to encompass outside plant operations which are a key element of many fiber and wireless expansion projects..


Amdocs Network Navigator


An advanced user interface that provides OSS portal and dashboard functionality across both Amdocs and third-party OSS applications, Amdocs Network Navigator provides network resource and service data navigation and presentation across both Amdocs and third-party data sources, as well as a view of both current and planned networks.


Amdocs Resource Manager


Designed to replace or complement existing inventory systems, Amdocs Resource Manager enables rapid onboarding of new lines of business, and new network technologies, via pre-defined metadata packs, and covers both physical, logical, and service layers.


Amdocs Deep Fiber Rollout Service


Amdocs Deep Fiber Rollout service leverages Amdocs' in-house network rollout solution experts who operate our network rollout solution together with partner applications, to provide a tailored fiber rollout solution for service providers.



Fiber Rollout

An Overview


  • End-to-end, cross-silo process orchestration

    Workflows can source data from, and write to, multiple, silo'ed inventory systems

  • Dynamic project and process management

    Stringent management across multiple projects

  • Catalog-driven network rollout and change projects

    Cookie-cutter approach enables design process flows to be created once and reused many times

  • Cross-data silo user interface

    Draw information from multiple data silos to create a federated, end-to-end view of network resources

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Amdocs Network Rollout Datasheet

Being Smarter at Small Cell Placement and Rollout

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Being Smarter at Small Cell Placement and Rollout

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