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Today’s networks are transforming. Open software driven environments with multiple technologies supported by numerous vendors are creating new opportunities to automate, digitalize and deliver innovative services. But design, deployment and network operation complexity present many challenges. Amdocs Network Services helps service providers navigate these challenges and bring to market new services that customers want.

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Network design is the first step to ensuring efficiency and profitability of network deployment projects and can dramatically influence the cost and time to deploy network infrastructure.


We provide a suite of design services to automate and support the early decision making phases of network development, ensuring deployment of high performance and highly reliable networks to meet the stringent requirements of service delivery.




Our suite of deployment-related services simplifies and accelerates network modernization by expanding capacity, improving reliability and coverage, and supporting the testing and launching of new services. Our tools are designed to guide you through the rigors and complexity of deploying new services and technologies.




Enhance network functionality and efficiency, and ensure customers constantly receive high-quality content. Amdocs services identify, prioritize and resolve events causing degradation to the network while taking a holistic approach to optimization, maximizing capacity, and enhancing coverage, ultimately improving the subscriber experience

Amdocs' end-to-end network services

Amdocs’ portfolio of network services can help you navigate the challenges of network transformation, enabling service agility and an optimal customer experience. 



    Design and plan for efficiency, reliability and high QoE


    Simplify and accelerate network modernization plans


    Unique focus on optimization, performance and monitoring

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Service agility, enhanced customer experience, and support for your journey to the open network


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End-to-end service management throughout your network’s lifecycle