Open 5G

Future Forward: Fast deployment and maximum monetization of a smart and open 5G network

5G promises a world of unprecedented speed and agility, powering exciting and innovative digital experiences. For service providers, it also promises new and lucrative revenue streams.

It’s no surprise, then, that the race is on to lead the 5G revolution. But how do you beat the competition, and maximize 5G monetization?

You need to be fast to deploy, open to drive innovation, smart to efficiently orchestrate a dynamic network and agile to capture every revenue opportunity.

This is where Amdocs comes in.

Our advanced technologies and solutions turn the promise of 5G into accelerated monetization. From rollout to orchestration, to offer creation, fulfillment, charging and care, for both the 5G consumer and enterprise, Amdocs is your partner of choice.

The age of 5G is now, and Amdocs is here – fast and smart, for maximum 5G monetization.


WINNER - Leading Lights Awards 2019


Amdocs wins Most Innovative 5G Strategy


Fast 5G


Deploy high-performance 5G networks rapidly and efficiently


5G Smart


Run a dynamic, automated & intelligence-driven smart operation


5G: Monetize the Next


Drive new revenues through 5G-powered digital services and experiences


The 5G Enterprise Opportunity


The disruptive impact of 5G-enabled business services

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