Vindicia CashBox

Grow subscription revenue

Monetize OTT Entertainment and grow subscription revenue

Vindicia Cashbox is an agile SaaS subscription business solution designed to optimize revenue from subscription services. CashBox is the ideal platform for service providers looking to launch or enhance their diversification strategies in OTT, Entertainment, IoT, Connected Home, Connected Car, Online services, content and any other verticals. CashBox also offers a Payment Gateway and advanced Retry technology for recovering failed payment transactions which increase top line revenue and reduce churn. The platform can be integrated with Amdocs or third party BSS solutions.

What We Do

Learn how Vindicia Cashbox helps companies build online revenue, and acquire, retain and expand their digital business.


  • Monetize OTT Entertainment

    Agile, low-cost SaaS platform to better monetize service providers’ digital entertainment assets such as sports, video and TV channels, and bundle entertainment and communications

  • Platform for Diversification Initiatives

    Complete subscription business platform allows service providers to experiment with new lines of business and new product offerings at low risk

  • Enhanced Payment Gateway with Sophisticated Retry

    Fully-featured payment gateway supporting traditional and new payment methods with sophisticated Retry technology to recover declined payments and increase revenue

  • Ultra-Fast Time to Value and Time to Market

    Be up and running in weeks. Launch new services in hours

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customer success

FreedomPop uses the flexibility of Vindicia CashBox to help fuel its explosive growth

FreedomPop transformed the mobile services market and maximized subscription revenue with a flexible subscription billing platform .

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Vindicia CashBox

Vindicia CashBox subscription billing and recurring payment platform

press release

Vindicia manages payments for BBC stores

Vindicia’s CashBox ensures BBC Worldwide can process payments, allowing customers to credit their e-wallet and view previous purchases