Yariv Hasar, Division President, Amdocs Delivery

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Telecom and enterprise tech conversations

In the first season of DevTalks, hosted by Yariv Hasar, Division President of Amdocs Delivery, we speak with CIOs and senior leaders of telecom operators about technology and innovation in the industry.

Join us for in-depth conversations with IT leaders and many other influencers operating in highly competitive and challenging business environments.

From running massive digital transformation journeys and shifting an entire industry to cloud-native IT, while prioritizing spend across operational and strategic investments and exploring cost reductions – we are here to talk about the real, everyday challenges telco leaders deal with today and throughout the pandemic.

Episode 1: Stephen Reidy, CIO at Three Ireland shares the after-thoughts of the digital transformation project Three has gone through and the operational challenges he faced heading the IT division during Covid-19 lockdowns.


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