Amdocs Bill Presentment

Context-aware bill presentment, delivering a designed, proactive, real-time and personalized experience.

Layout canvas

Leverage the bill as the ultimate digital engagement channel

By delivering modern, progressive and customer-oriented bill design, Bill Presentment transforms a normally mundane document into an enjoyable experience that drives user engagement – allowing you to create an effective billing experience across all touch points, including paper, digital and email.

It does this by utilizing your existing BSS ecosystem to feed a proprietary algorithm, which in turn, generates personalized messaging and streamlines billing operations.

bill presentment


  • Simplified and personalized experience

    Context-aware bill presentment for a personalized experience, leveraging the bill as an engagement channel.

  • Reduce calls to care

    Simplified billing experience, with clarity on all charges and payments, enhancing satisfaction and reducing calls to care.

  • Enhance ARPU

    Leverage personalized bill messages as another engagement channel to drive targeted upsell messages.


Real-Time Billing Datasheet
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